Language Documentation

AuSIL is pleased to make available research papers and other language documentation that has been produced by our members during our 50 years of service in Australia.  


Broad, Neil 2013, A semantic structural analysis of logical relations in Eastern Arrernte, Australian
Society for Indigenous Languages, Alice Springs.

Click on the links below to download pdf files from our Work Papers Series.

WP-A-1 Alyawarra Phonology10.54 MB
WP-A-1 Fitzroy Crossing Pidgin Phonology8.27 MB
WP-A-1 Rhythmic Patterning in Iwaidja5.77 MB
WP-A-1 Ngalkbun Phonology7.24 MB
WP-A-1 Constrastive Syllables in Wik-Munkan3.23 MB
WP-A-2 Iwaidja Discourse Phonology2.96 MB
WP-A-2 An Iwaidja Narrative Discourse3 MB
WP-A-2 Iwaidja Phonemes1.19 MB
WP-A-2 Iwaidja Phrases2.12 MB
WP-A-2 Iwaidja Procedural Discourse6.25 MB
WP-A-2 Iwaidja Verb System9.19 MB
WP-A-3 Gugu-Yalanji Clause Types3.7 MB
WP-A-3 Sentences in Ngaanyatjarra Narratives2.14 MB
WP-A-3 Paragraph Division in Tiwi2.18 MB
WP-A-3 The Walmatjari Noun Phrase2.93 MB
WP-A-4 A Distinctive Aboriginal Sound Class5.99 MB
WP-A-4 Djinang Phonology18.78 MB
WP-A-4 Djinang Verb Morphology7.26 MB
WP-A-5 Anindilyakwa Phonology5.45 MB
WP-A-5 Burarra Orthography1.95 MB
WP-A-5 Burarra Phonemes3.72 MB
WP-A-5 Kala Lagaw Ya Phonology4.98 MB
WP-A-5 Murinbata Phonology5.4 MB
WP-A-5 Nunggubuyu Syllables6.4 MB
WP-A-5 Use of symbol ny in Aboriginal Orthographies1.34 MB
WP-A-5 Walmatjari Phonology1.36 MB
WP-A-6 Ngardilpa (Warlpiri) Verbs4.95 MB
WP-A-6 Warlpiri Clauses6.5 MB
WP-A-6 Propositional Particles in Walpiri4.01 MB
WP-A-6 Warlpiri Verb Roots and Preverbs5.58 MB
WP-A-6 Warlpiri Verbal Clauses8.07 MB
WP-A-7 Ngaanyatjarra Sentences4.05 MB
WP-A-8 Fitzroy Valley Kriol - Introduction1.49 MB
WP-A-8 Fitzroy Valley Kriol - Part 12.05 MB
WP-A-8 Fitzroy Valley Kriol - Part 21.9 MB
WP-A-9 Clauses in Kala Lagaw Ya1.5 MB
WP-A-9 Iwaidja Verbal Clauses984.8 KB
WP-A-9 Kalaw Kawaw Speaker Perspective in Tense, Mood and Aspect1.18 MB
WP-A-9 Kalaw Kawaw Verbs1.55 MB
WP-A-9 Murinbata Noun Classes575.53 KB
WP-A-9 Repetition in Tiwi1.91 MB
WP-A-10 Kriol 1: Preface and the Study of Pidgins and Creoles1.5 MB
WP-A-10 Kriol 2: What is it?4.1 MB
WP-A-10 Kriol 3: Is it an Aboriginal Language?2.42 MB
WP-A-10 Kriol 4: a Community Case History3.68 MB
WP-A-10 Kriol 5: Its Instrumentalization 2.5 MB
WP-A-10 Kriol 6: Summary and Further Research plus Appendix5.4 MB
WP-A-10 Kriol 7: Bibliography1.53 MB
WP-A-11 Lockhart River Language - Part 13.86 MB
WP-A-11 Lockhart River Language - Part 25.6 MB
WP-B-1 Walmatjari - Part 13.76 MB
WP-B-1 Walmatjari - Part 23.26 MB
WP-B-2 Transition to English in Bilingual Schools3.95 MB
WP-B-2 NT Bilingual Education2.81 MB
WP-B-2 Teaching Aids for Tiwi8.66 MB
WP-B-3 An Australian Creole in NT - Ch 11.84 MB
WP-B-3 An Australian Creole in NT - Ch 22.45 MB
WP-B-3 An Australian Creole in NT - Ch 32.5 MB
WP-B-3 An Australian Creole in NT - Ch 43.83 MB
WP-B-3 An Australian Creole in NT - Ch 53.11 MB
WP-B-3 An Australian Creole in NT - Ch 62.08 MB
WP-B-3 An Australian Creole in NT - Ch 71.32 MB
WP-B-4 Beginning Kriol Dictionary9.4 MB
WP-B-5 Conversational Kriol2.33 MB
WP-B-6 Aborig Cognitive Abilities3.5 MB
WP-B-6 Alyawarra Literacy Program1.43 MB
WP-B-6 Culture in Vernac Literacy Programs1.59 MB
WP-B-6 Literature for Kriol1009.05 KB
WP-B-6 Warlpiri Vernacular Literacy978.13 KB
WP-B-7 English - Kuku-Yal Dict1.96 MB
WP-B-7 Kuku-Yal - English Dict3.04 MB
WP-B-8 Aborig Maths Concepts1.79 MB
WP-B-8 Aborig Number Sytems2.74 MB
WP-B-8 Colour Term Research1.89 MB
WP-B-8 Groote Maths concepts9.64 MB
WP-B-8 Nyangumarta Kinship946.52 KB
WP-B-8 Yanyuwa Language1.24 MB
WP-B-9 Djinang Dictionary Pt 14.05 MB
WP-B-9 Djinang Dictionary Pt 24.02 MB
WP-B-10 Kriol Resource Guide3.36 MB
WP-B-10 Kriol Writing Guide4.6 MB
WP-B-10 Kriol Writing System7.5 MB
WP-B-11 Central NT Survey4.12 MB
WP-B-11 Hopevale Language Change1.19 MB
WP-B-11 Western Desert Communilects11.56 MB
WP-B-12 Testing Anindily E Vowels1.24 MB
WP-B-12 Testing Anindily Orthog7.09 MB
WP-B-12 Vernac. Readers for Ndjebbana1.77 MB
WP-B-12 Warlpiri Workshop Report2.64 MB
WP-B-13 Daly River Languages2.33 MB
WP-B-13 Kriol - Barkly Tableland1.07 MB
WP-B-13 Tiwi - Struggling Language1.46 MB
WP-B-13 Wagait Region Languages758.52 KB
WP-B-13 Yanyuwa - Dying Language1.12 MB
WP-B-14 Western Torres Strait5.57 MB
Broad logical relations.pdf1.68 MB